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Beavers' District Trip to

Jodrell Bank

Sunday 10th May 2015

On Sunday 10th May 5th Tyldesley Beavers joined up with other Colonies from across Lilford District and travelled to Jodrell Bank, Cheshire for a Space themed, fun-packed day out.


An interactive orrery helped everyone learn about the solar system, the sizes of the planets and their order and orbits. There was an inflatable planetarium which taught about the night sky, star constellations and let us 'visit' different planets after which we spent time in the classroom doing space related activities to help us remember what we'd learnt.  There was a Space Pavillion to explore with lots of interactive learning experiences which helped us to understand how the telescope worked. Last of all we took a walk down the Telescope Path to have a close up look at the giant Lovell Telescope which makes Jodrell Bank so famous, then we returned to the coach via the Planet Path all a little tired but exhilarated from our day earning our Space Activity badge.

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