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Who We Are

5th Tyldesley is the only Scout Group in Tyldesley town centre offering Scouting activities and experiences to children aged between 6 - 14 years old. We have a dedicated team of Leaders who voluntarily give up their time each week to bring Scouting to their local community.


Scouting is a truely amazing hobby.  Ok, so we might be a little biased but we do reckon you should check it out for yourselves before you decide that we are mad.


Each week we offer a balanced programme of activities to the young people in each Section. We teach them new skills and games, we watch them triumph at something they thought they couldn't do, we guide them through fears and see their delight at their various accomplishments. We see children come to us shy 6 year olds and are proud (and a little sad) to see them leave us for the Explorer Scout Unit aged 14; confident, happy and keen to return to us as Young Leaders. We would never say it is always easy but it is very enjoyable and rewarding which keeps us all coming back week after week, giving up evenings and weekends... and we are never bored!


Here are just some examples of what happens at 5th in an average year:

earning badges



swimming gala


indoor sleepovers

Cooking Comp

Dominoes Comp

Camping Comp

5-a-side football comp

mountain bike rides

Snakes and Ladders Comp

various day trips


indoor games


outdoor games

Christmas Camp


Sponsored walk

How Can You Help?

There is no pressure for any parents to take an active role in the Group but if you think you might be interested in helping out occasionally there are a variety of options available.

Parents' Committee

We have a brand new Parents' Committee at 5th.  This is a small team of parents who will meet a few times a year and organise fun family fundraisers for the Group. They are Chaired by a close Scouting friend of the Group and will assist the Leaders by controlling the Group accounts.


Occasional Helper

If you have a couple of spare hours each month you could become an occasional helper; assisting at either Beavers, Cubs or Scouts at their sessions or helping them on trips and camps. The possibilities are endless:

* Perhaps you have a secret talent in putting up tents ... you could assist setting up camps before the children arrive.

* Perhaps you can teach the children a particular skill (woodwork, stitching, dancing, card making etc) and could visit the sections.

*Perhaps you are good at DIY or handy in the kitchen

... everyone has useful skills and could volunteer and help in many ways.


Becoming a Leader

If you have seen how much fun we all have and fancy a piece of the action then talk to one of us about becoming a leader. You will need to undertake a few core training courses however this opens the door to  whole host of Scouting experiences and activities which are as much fun for the adults as they are for the children!


NB: A DBS check will have to be completed for any of the above roles.


Check out the official Scout website for more info.

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