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Beavers take off to RAF Cosford

Lilford District trip as part of our Air Activities badge.

30 of our Beavers along with their Leaders joined forces with their counterparts for 4 other Colonies in Lilford District to visit RAF Cosford as part of their Air Activities badge.


At 9.30am on Saturday 5th July, 2 coaches carrying Beavers and Leaders from 5 Colonies in Lilford District embarked on the 2 hour journey to RAF Cosford.  Arriving at the site triggered a chorus of 'ooooh!', 'wow!' and 'LOOK AT THAT PLANE!!' as the coaches delivered their excited passengers to the drop off point. Lunch was the first stop - its hungry work travelling - after which each Colony took their map and went off to explore the museum.


5th Tyldesley started their adventure in Hanger 1 where we learnt lots about various jets, helicopters and tanks.  There was so much to see we had to go round twice! Moving on to explore Hanger 2 we found more tanks and several war planes.  We spent some time inside a 'rocket' watching videos about the different aircraft we could see.  Hanger 3 was a very exciting place to be! It held some fascinating war planes as well as lots of hands on experiments, a 4D cinema and flight simulator. 


Time really did fly as we were having so much fun and all too soon we were making our way back to the coach; but not before a quick stop at the gift shop to collect our goodie bags.  We all had a fantastic day and, as you can see on the pictures, even the Leaders were tired out! :-)

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